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SIG001 Tion – Sine Spiral EP

SIG002 Mind Machines – The day the sky exploded EP

SIG003 Mind Machines – Analog

SIG004 VI/II – Audiocuts EP

SIG005 Blasted – Dioded Waveform

SIG006 VA1

SIG007 Omnia Vox – Exaudiam vos prime1

SIG008 Mind Machines – Exeptions

SIG009 Pulso – Confrontando Lo Que Me Destruye

SIG010 Mind Machines – After Awekening

SIG011 VA2

SIG012 Mind Machines – Hybrid

SIG013 Pyramidal Decode – Quasar

SIG014 LXS – Natural Desires

S5PVC1 – Vinyl release: VA with Sleeparchive, Beat Movement, Omnia Vox, Mind Machines